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What are the factors that affect the prices of CNC machining center?

Whether it is domestic cnc machining center, Taiwan cnc machining center or import cnc machining center, even with the same brand and same model , the prices are different. Now ,Luzhong Machine Tool will  tell you the factors which affect the cnc machining center prices :


1.CNC system

CNC system is equivalent to the brain of cnc machining center, all the action and the program rely on it to be completed. The mainstream system on the market are: Japanese brands Fanuc and Mitsubishi ‘Germany Siemens. Much difference in Prices for different CNC system. Compared with the domestic system, the price of Taiwan system will be USD1400 ~3000 higher ;Mitsubishi system will be USD6000~7500 higher ;4 to 5 million, Fanuc system will be USD6000~12000 higher than 4 to 8 million, of which the price of different system version will be various greatly. When choose CNC system, the buyer can consider some factors ,such as the workpiece situation, the use environment, processing technology, procurement budget and etc, if processing accuracy are not high, and the budget is limited  ,buyer can choose domestic CNC system or Taiwan system.



The spindle is the most important part of the CNC machining Center, because it will contact the workpiece through tools, in the final workpiece processing accuracy, it plays a vital role for the machining accuracy. The same time as the above-The same time as the above-The transmission mode, speed, cooling system will also influence the prices of spindle .General spindle with oil cooling or water cooling system. The most common transmission type is belt drive and direct drive, direct drive for high-speed light cutting. 

3.Automatic tools changer

Changer tools time plays an important role in the efficiency of a CNC machining center. Economical vertical machining center is equipped with a bamboo hat type tools changer , the standard  is arm type tools changer . 

4.Linear guide rail or hard guide rail

If linear guide rail ,the speed and accuracy is high , mainly for light cutting, relatively speaking, it has shorter life than hard rail . If hard rail ,the speed slower, but better rigidity, crash, mainly used for heavy cutting, mold aspects. Now a lot of people buy CNC vertical machining center will choose 2 axis linear rail and 1 axis hard rail , so that both can improve the speed and can increase the cutting strength, cost-effective.


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